First Nation Partnership Program

White Cedar Pharmacy supplies quality medicines and pharmaceutical services to First Nation communities through our Partnership Program.

White Cedar is a proud partner of Bearskin Lake, Cat Lake First Nation, Muskrat Dam First Nation, North Caribou Lake First Nation and Sachigo Lake First Nation. 

White Cedar Pharmacy works together with the First Nation so that community members can enjoy the same easy access to common prescription pharmaceuticals as most Ontario residents. Remoteness of these communities provide for unique challenges, and these partnerships ensure First Nations clients can get their prescriptions filled in an efficient and secure manner.

Guided by the Seven Grandfather teachings, our services are the natural choice for First Nation communities as they are designed specifically for their cultural, social and geographical needs, all the while promoting total harmony and balance. Working directly with the community health care teams, we provide customized services to our partnering communities. Each First Nation is linked directly to the pharmacy through its community Nursing Station. This ensures questions and concerns are immediately addressed.

Services include:

  • Prescription services; supply, refill and review.
  • MedCheck- Individual patient medication review with one of our pharmacists.
  • Counselling on medicine use, storage and safety.
  • Blister and compliance packaging of prescription medication.

Did you know by getting your prescription from White Cedar Pharmacy you are supporting your community?

White Cedar Pharmacy gives back to the First Nation communities we serve.

Some of the benefits of our partnerships include reinvesting a portion of our profits back into participating First Nation communities. This allows communities to distribute the profits to other causes or initiatives.

If you are interested in creating a community partnership contact us today.