White Cedar Pharmacy supplies quality medicines and pharmaceutical services to First Nation communities. Our services are the natural choice, designed specifically for each community’s unique cultural, social and geographic needs.

White Cedar staff work with each community to teach people how to better care for themselves and each other to address the chronic conditions affecting Northern Ontario First Nations such as diabetes and heart conditions.

Each remote First Nation is linked directly to White Cedar First Pharmacy through its community Nursing Station. This ensures all customer questions and concerns can be immediately addressed.

Prescription Process:

Our prescription process with First Nation communities unfolds as follows:

  • Prescription is written in the community at the Nursing Station.
  • Prescription is then faxed to White Cedar First Nations Pharmacy located in Thunder Bay, where the prescription is filled.
  • The prescription is shipped to the community nursing station.
  • Community members can pick up the prescription at the nursing station.
  • White Cedar Pharmacists are available via audio/visual means to answer questions in real time.

Prescriptions are delivered to First Nation communities within 24 to 48 hours from the time the prescription is received in Thunder Bay.

Transferring Your Prescription

Transferring your prescription to White Cedar Pharmacy is simple and easy.

  1.  Complete a prescription transfer request form.
  2. Fax the completed form to your nearest White Cedar Pharmacy location.

You can also visit any one of our locations for immediate assistance with the process.