First Nations Partnership Program

White Cedar Pharmacy provides the highest quality medications and pharmacy services to First Nations communities through our Partnership Program.
We are a proud partner of more than ten First Nations communities throughout northwestern Ontario.

We work directly with Chiefs, Councils and healthcare staff so that community members can enjoy the same easy access to prescription medications as other Ontario residents. The remoteness of these communities poses unique challenges, and our partnerships ensure that on-reserve patients can get their prescriptions filled in an efficient and secure manner.

The Seven Grandfather Teachings guide our model of care and service delivery, promoting individual, family and community healthcare through harmony and balance. Our holistic approach recognizes that restoring and maintaining lifelong well-being goes beyond prescriptions and quick fix solutions. Instead, we recognize and respect that the health and wellness of the individual and the community as a whole is made up of the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional components.

Services include:

  • Prescription services; screening, refill, and review
  • MedsCheck: individual patient medication review with one of our pharmacists
  • Counselling on medicine use, storage and safety
  • Blister and compliance packaging of prescription medications
  • Medical products including blood pressure monitors, diabetes, and cholesterol testing supplies

By getting your prescriptions from White Cedar Pharmacy, you are supporting your community.

White Cedar Pharmacy gives back to the First Nations communities we serve.

One of the benefits of our partnerships is that we reinvest a portion of our profits back into participating First Nations communities. This allows communities to put funds into other programs or initiatives of their choice.

If you are interested in creating a community partnership contact us today.

Prescribing physicians and patients
from participating First Nations communities:

To quickly refill a prescription or
to see a patient's detailed medication profile
and delivery schedule/history,