Who We Are

White Cedar Health Care Centre
is a walk-in medical clinic staffed by family doctors that is open to the public every weekday with no appointment required.

White Cedar Pharmacy is a community business that promotes a culture of caring for each other, together. We are one of the largest dispensing pharmacies in Ontario. Our dedicated team of professionals provides the highest quality medications and pharmacy services to thousands of patients throughout the province.

We know your health is a top priority.Our staff is here to serve you and make it more convenient to access pharmacy services quickly and easily. Aligning services with customer needs, our pharmacists are accessible in the communitities we serve. We not dispense medication, but we also pride ourselves on being a trusted healthcare resource.

First Nations Partnerships

In addition to tailoring our services to meet the unique cultural, social, and geographic needs of First Nations communities, White Cedar Pharmacy believes in giving back and creating partnerships with the communities we serve. It is our priority that we support and invest in community programs to improve the health and social well-being of our patients and their families.

White Cedar Pharmacy has partnered with several remote First Nations communities throughout northwestern Ontario to ensure they can enjoy the same easy access to prescription medication and pharmacy services as other Ontario residents. Learn more about our First Nations Partnership Program.

Specialist Physician Relationships

White Cedar Pharmacy is proud to work with leading healthcare providers across the province, offering the services of specialist physicians to meet the needs of our patients. For example, White Cedar is the largest provider of pharmacy services for addiction treatment in northwestern Ontario, servicing thousands of patients from Canadian Addiction Treatment Centres (CATC) throughout the region.

Prescribing physicians and patients
from participating First Nations communities:

To quickly refill a prescription or
to see a patient's detailed medication profile
and delivery schedule/history,